Calling In Abundance: Manifesting The Best In Life Even If You Feel In Scarcity

I was sitting in a luxury resort in the Portuguese mountains of the Algarve, in a specially-built meditation room with an amazing glass wall, where I can gaze out over the mountains.

And it’s got me thinking about what it’s like when you put something in your vortex and how to bring things into reality, how to manifest.

As a coach that teaches other coaches how to create authentic brand messaging, I adore sharing how to bring your authentic truth into your brand in a way that is so unique and brilliant that only you can do it. It’s about disregarding copycat, coaching and cookie cutter coaching and all these other things and just being so uniquely you, that it calls your clients to you.

But that is not what this is about. Sometimes you have to simply follow your desire, and I’ve been called more and more recently to talk about manifestation — because as soul-based coaches, so many of us, in fact, most of us really love the idea of deliberate creation.

We want to create an amazing life for ourselves, where we call in all the things that we desire and of course avoid those things that we fear.

But, you know, the reality is that it’s not always quite that simple. It doesn’t just happen that you read The Secret and then boom, everything just falls into place.

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are like me and the majority of driven, female coaches, and have to think about manifesting consciously a little bit more, and actually stop the mind chatter of our busy lives.

It’s not about going up to some silent mountain top and just allowing all the good things to come to you with no action because that’s not what the universe wants it to be.

The universe puts us in this busy, cluttered, challenging environment and gives us all of these gifts, all of these challenges in order that we may create in collaboration with the challenges. The universe is gifting us the grace to travel through the demands of our families, the fears that come up through our work, the everyday 3D crap that shows up, whether that’s fear about scarcity, grieving loved ones and losing jobs, or having problems with your children…all of those really difficult things that come up and are absolutely unavoidable.

The 3D world will keep gifting us these things. And it is really our choice about how we deal with them or what we choose to do with that information.

And I suspect more than most have made decisions in the past that are not in alignment with integrating amazing high vibe thoughts.

And here I am in the most amazing retreat on my family holiday. And it’s like being on a retreat that honestly I could never have imagined I’d be experiencing right now.

And it happened almost by accident.

We booked our family holiday to Portugal. We had not had a family holiday in the sunshine for three years due to the pandemic and really wanted to get away into the sunshine and enjoy some time with the kids. We like to swim in the sea and go to the beach and be by the pool and do some adventurous stuff like kayaking and caving. And we have all this in our vortex. It’s like, this is what we’re gonna do — go to Portugal.

I came to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, just a few months ago on a business retreat with my own coach and my mastermind sisters, it was the first time I visited Portugal. I was absolutely blown away by the beauty of Lisbon and the friendliness of the people who live here and just knew that I really wanted to bring the kids back, wanted to visit the Algarve.

I started to think about what this could look like if I lived in Portugal. I’ve always had this idea that I would live in a warm country by the coast. In London, the weather’s always a bit variable and I’m just a sunshine creature. I always light up when I have the warmth of the sun on me and just decided that now I’m geographically free, I should definitely look to where I’d like to live next.

So we booked accommodation for our holiday and we are a kind of low rent family. We’ve always prioritized having a longer holiday rather than having more expensive, luxury expriences.

So we figured we could choose to spread that budget out for much longer, or we could blow the budget in one week. And we’ve always decided to have a longer holiday. We wanted to do 16 nights. So we booked into what we’ve always done in the past, which are campsites with great pools and evening entertainment.

So I just defaulted to what we’ve always done in the past. And I booked a couple of campsites. And then literally three or four weeks before departure, we get an email from one of the accommodations saying ‘we’re really sorry, but we're not opening this season. We’ve been doing some renovations. They’re not finished. Here’s your money back. Here’s a bit of compensation, but I’m really sorry. You’re gonna have to find somewhere else now’.

As a family of five, only a few weeks before your summer holiday in high season, this is not what you want to hear.

So my husband decided he’s going to find an Airbnb. And he booked an apartment somewhere by the coast. It looked okay. The most important thing was that we had accommodation booked.

And then suddenly, maybe less than a week before we left, my husband looks again to see if something else comes up and magic happens as the most amazing resort appears.

And we look at it and it’s like, wow! It’s this luxury safari tent with sofas and a full kitchen and luxury bathrooms and three bedrooms. And an enormous terrace overlooking the mountains with the most stunning views. And here is a pool, a spa, a meditation room, a hamam a massage room. An outdoor fire pit, two saunas. And get this, it’s even cheaper than the apartment we were holding. And not only that, but we’ve got in the compensation from the first place it’s like, it’s meant to be. And he just went ahead and booked it. I couldn’t believe this place was even available this close to our dates.

And yet I knew that there was this little shiver in me that said the universe is gifting this to me.

And interestingly, what came up for me around this was: this is too good for us. Thinking I’ve got quite noisy kids. We’re a rowdy growing family. I was thinking ‘how can we descend on this peaceful Oasis in the Hills? Is this even meant for us? Is this meant for me?’.

And maybe to some degree I was using the kids as an excuse for my own not good enoughness.

This is too good for me.

How can I deserve this?

How can this be available to me?

And feeling an identity as a ‘low rent’ kind of family, this is a story that I had told myself. We can get by and it’s okay being in scarcity.

And in actual fact, the stay in this resort was cheaper than that first apartment. And not only that, but we got compensation from the canceled campsite.

It wasn’t more expensive.

And yet because of its beauty, because of its luxury, I had got in my head that this was not for me.

Now, I take that as an amazing gift because it gave me an opportunity to think about this. It was drawn into my awareness. I could now start to process this and start to actually unpeel the onion layers about why I felt that I wasn’t good enough.

And actually, it moved through really fast. I was like, you know what? This is meant for me. These are the breadcrumbs the universe gives you.

It just happens so effortlessly. And that reminds me of how, when you are in tune with the universe and you are just open and ready, the universe makes it effortless.

It just gifts it to you.

And here I am in the meditation room, in Portugal, in the mountains at this beautiful resort. The kids are sitting on the veranda, overlooking the hills, having their breakfast and I’m just getting this amazing feeling and opportunity that there are even more breadcrumbs coming.

As I look at this resort, I know that this experience of luxury is available to us all.

We all have the opportunity to invite in the magic of the universe and feel that we are not only good enough, but we are brilliant.

We deserve beauty in life. We deserve to be treated, to feel fully relaxed. We deserve to feel the abundance flowing around us. These things are available to us.

As I look out over the view, I can imagine coming back here with my clients and holding retreats. We’re gonna sun ourselves in the pool. We’re gonna work on our businesses. We’re gonna do all these things that let the universe know that we are ready for our up level.

We are ready for our next stage. And that excites me. That’s phenomenally exciting. When you suddenly open to it, and one thing happens, then the next, then the next, then the next…you know, the breadcrumbs.

Stop short of asking ‘how’ and ‘when’…when it comes to the universe, it’s just about knowing that it’s all there for you. Be ready to embrace luxury and abundance, because if you’re reading this, it’s meant for you.

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Joanna Ingram, Business Coach | Brand Messaging

Joanna is a former Advertising Agency Director turned Brand Messaging Coach and host of the leading podcast, Goals With Soul